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There and back the hard way – This is not a Hobbit’s tale

Have you ever felt like the universe is trying to tell you something? Well I’m still waiting for the message but I had the feeling numerous times on my recent trip to Croatia. My Wife The…

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Mostar An Adventure into Bosnia

Mostar is a Town of stunning sights and colourful culture. Of all the former Yugoslavian states, it could easily be argued that Bosnia & Herzegovina suffered the most and still struggles today in its recovery.…

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A Calamity in Yosemite

Image curtesy of National Parks Association “The worst decisions often lead to the best stories” Yosemite wasn’t part of the plan, in fact I’ll admit to not even knowing that it was in California at…

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Hammock Sleeves; are they worth it?

First off I should say that I was rather sceptical about this piece of apparatus. My initial thoughts were that sleeves were just an added expense and since I find my hammock very quick and…

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Taking my biggest leap

“Those who don’t jump will never fly.” If you have clicked on this post hoping that the title was a metaphorical play on words and that I’ll be writing some lengthy esoteric essay on how…

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