Hi There and thanks for visiting The Mini Adventurer.

I’m Rob and I am the Mini Adventurer.

I know what your thinking and it’s not just because I’m short (I’m not that short honest).

It’s my life philosophy, I’m a lifelong traveller, nothing fulfills me more than exploring new places and cultures.

unfortunatly life hasn’t afforded me the luxury of being a fulltime traveller but I just can’t live without adventure in my life.

So, when I’m not lucky enough to be travelling abroad on some grand adventure I try to occupy myself with ‘Mini’ Adventures. This can be anything from daytrips out, short city breaks, taking part in events or even just a night out Wild camping with my trusty hammock.

Take a little tour around my site, you never know you may find something to inspire or entertain you.

Any feedback will be gratefully excepted and If you have any questions about where I’ve been or things I’ve done, feel free to contact me via email or Twitter and I’ll do my best to help.

I’ve tried to split the site into easy to follow categories as follows;

  • The Blog– As you would expect I will hopefully be posting regular blogs about my trips and including as much detail and advice as I can.
  • The Inspiration Section– I’m planning to put together some short Photo Essays of places I’ve been and things I’ve done. I’m intending these to be fun and not too long, just enough detail and some great photos to give you an idea what you can expect. Where I can I’ll add links to the more detailed blogs but I really want these articles to be more visual and to inspire people to go to places and try new things.
  • Travel Tales: I’ve managed to get myself into some bizarre and often ridiculously dangerous situations over the years. Many of my stories sound too crazy to be true but I assure you they are. I tell my tales with humour and thoughtful reflection and hope they serve to both entertain and inspire you.
  • About– Ok so you’re already reading the about me section but you might have noticed two other sub categories in this menu;
    • The Bucket List This is exactly what it says on the tin, a list of all the things I want to see and do before I undertake the final adventure that we all must face someday.
    • The 195 Challenge See how far I’ve got visiting all the 195 Countries recognised by the United Nations as Member or Observer States.

If you want to get in touch; hit me up via the Contact Page and you can always visit my  Twitter  feed to see what’s going on and there’s always lots of cool pictures on my  Instagram account to inspire you.

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