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Covert Clip Wallets – For Travel from Andrew Taylor on Vimeo.

First off, I must mention that this product was supplied to me free of charge in return for an honest review. I was excited to say the least when I was contacted by the maker of the Covert Clip, I’d never been offered a product for review before.

Before I accepted I made sure that I read up on the product to make sure it was something I was interested in and that I thought that it was potentially a good product in the first place.

Once I’d done my research and chatted with the maker I agreed to review their product and I received it through the post two days later. Can’t fault the delivery!

What initially drove my interest was that it was a personal project. The creator, Andrew was frustrated that he couldn’t find a product to suit his needs so he set out to design and market one himself.

What is the Covert Clip?

Ostensibly it’s a travel wallet for keeping your phone, passport, cards and keys safe but it’s also designed to be used every day rather than on the occasional holiday. The creator wanted a wallet that could be used both during the busy London commute and whilst at the gym. He didn’t just want to protect or hide from view his essential items he also wanted to make them accessible!

So down to specifics. The weight is negligible so I have not listed this a consideration and any weight issues are more likely to arise from the items you place within it. Its dimensions are 5.44 inches in height, 2.64 inches in width and 0.28 inches in depth. It’s basically as thin and small as it can be whilst still being big and strong enough to support a phone, passport, cards and keys.

The creators claim that the wallet will; “comfortably store: a phone (up to iPhone 7 size), multiple bank cards, ID, cash, a passport and two keys.” And that it is “designed to be pickpocket proof.”

The wallet has two metal clips which fasten it to your belt or the waistline of your clothes allowing it to sit inside your clothing but still being readily accessible.

The wallet basically has four compartments. The main compartment is the size of a British passport and easily held my iPhone SE (out of its case).  There are three separate pockets in front of the main compartment.  The middle one is designed to fit credit and debit cards and the pockets either side fit a Yale key perfectly.

The covert clip is designed to fit between your waistband and your body.  It also comes with a lanyard so it can be used as a hidden purse if wearing a long coat.

Check out the Website here for more info from the manufacturer.

My verdict

When the wallet first arrived, my initial impression was that it looked smart, almost like a luxury product.  I’ll admit that this turned me off and I was rather doubtful.  I was concerned that perhaps it was being aimed at a luxury aesthetic audience rather than being a well thought-out and usable product. The black PU Leather looks great but all I could think was how sweaty it would be to wear and surely the material would be too rigid.

I even emailed the creator with a long list of my concerns which turned out to be really helpful as our dialogue reassured me that the creator had taken a lot of time to explore which materials to use and knew his product and its capability inside out. It dawned on me that I had made a lot of assumptions without even trying it out.

I promised myself that if I was going to do this review I was going to test the product out as thoroughly as possible. As it turns out this was to be an ideal time for me to conduct a thorough test of the wallet. My understanding is that the creator wanted this wallet to be usable in the gym, during a daily commute and as a traditional travel wallet.

The first two are easy enough to test and as it turns out I had the perfect opportunity to test its potential during travel. My wife and I had just booked a week in Tangier, Morocco for our anniversary.

My least favourite use was in the gym but I think a lot of that comes down to my personal preference. I do a lot of mobility based workouts with box jumps and squatting etc so I didn’t find it particularly comfortable, not so much due to the wallet or its contents but due to the metal clips keeping it in place. What I will say is that I’ve never found any bag or wallet that I could wear during a Crossfit workout so I was pleasantly surprised with it. Considering the frenetic nature of the workouts and the constant moving I was impressed that the wallet stayed in place the whole time; in fact it didn’t move at all. I also tried wearing the wallet on the outside of my clothing and found that helped.

I must also point out that ergonomically I’m probably at the smaller end of the scale being only 5’8 and of slim build so I think a more amply proportioned person would find the wallet far more comfortable. I also tried it out whilst running and during a weight session and I barely noticed it was there. I used to run with my phone strapped to my arm and I found this much better. What surprised me the most was that despite the material there was no excessive sweating around the area it was worn. Not only could I go out for a run with my phone safely hidden from view but my house keys slotted in to a specially designed pouch too.

I wore the wallet around town for a few days instead of carrying my usual wallet, its surprisingly comfortable whilst sitting down and I could even drive with it as long as I wasn’t wearing tight jeans. It was nice not having that annoying bulge in my back pocket all of the time. I tend to wear a belt whether I’m wearing shorts, trousers or jeans and this perfectly hides the clips that sit on the outside. I’m also a big fan of contactless card payments rather than cash so it was ideal and I cheekily even tried to swipe my card whilst it was in the wallet to confirm that the RFID blocking works which it does!

My final test was international travel. I’ve long disliked body wallets for one reason. They are normally so inaccessible that you end up lifting your clothes and removing them just to get some cash or your passport out making you far more vulnerable than if you just had it all in your pockets. The covert clip is the ideal solution to this as if you can slip your hand down your waistline you can access anything in the wallet. I found I could easily access my passport although I still prefer to keep my phone in my pocket as its more accessible and I found it made the wallet a bit too bulky for my liking. Getting the passport back in was just as easy, at most I only had to pull my waistband out half an inch to slide it in.

Of all the places to test the travel wallet I probably found the best; Tangier, Morocco. I was there during Ramadan, arguably the busiest time of year and it was hot, very hot.  I was certain that the wallet was going to cause massive amounts of sweating so I went as far as to wear a dark pair of short to hide sweaty patches. Happily, I was proved wrong, I didn’t sweat any more in the area of the wallet than I did elsewhere. I spent the whole day wandering around the bustling medina and made a number of purchases with minimum hassle. The wallet felt secure and hidden the whole time and it was quite nice not be carrying a bulky wallet in my back pocket. I often find that makes me feel quite uncomfortable in busy places when people are bumping into you and pressed up close. Wearing a loose top which hung past my waistline I could easily access my cash without making it obvious where it was stored. My wife remarked that it looked like I was just reaching into my trouser pocket which is a testament to the products fit for purpose.

All in all, the covert clip does what it says on the tin. Would I wear it at the gym? Probably not although it now comes with me on every run and for that I love it. I’m not likely to replace my wallet with the covert clip on a daily basis however as a travel wallet I haven’t found anything better on the market and for those of you that want a safe and secure wallet whilst abroad this is for you!

If this product is something your interested in take a look at the Covert Clip Website. Readers of this blog can get 10% of purchases with the code Deal10.


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