Hammock Sleeves; are they worth it?

First off I should say that I was rather sceptical about this piece of apparatus. My initial thoughts were that sleeves were just an added expense and since I find my hammock very quick and…

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Taking my biggest leap

“Those who don’t jump will never fly.” If you have clicked on this post hoping that the title was a metaphorical play on words and that I’ll be writing some lengthy esoteric essay on how…

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My Literary Inspirations

This post may not be exactly what you are expecting and it is certainly very different to most of the posts I have written. It is however a story I wish to tell and if…

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Travel Essentials For Every Mini Adventure

So, this is something rather different for me. I’ve seen a lot of posts about ‘Travel hacks’ & traveller’s ‘must have’ items and if you took all of them on board you’d probably end up…

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Climbing Mount Sinai

A few years back my wife and I were lucky enough to book a special offer with Uncover the World Ltd who had just started promoting their new range of Egypt Uncovered tours. We were…

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