DD Camping Hammock Review

First off I must say that when it comes to Wild Camping I am a 100% hammock guy. It gets you off the cold ground requiring less insulation and keeps you away from the bugs as well as being more comfortable.

The DD Camping hammock is the first hammock I’ve brought but I have used plenty over the years.  I brought this about six months ago, and its primarily been used for one or two night wild camping trips roughly once a month so it’s had a good amount of use both in Summer and Winter seasons.

This hammock is extremely lightweight at only 650g. One caveat to this is that the weight of the strapping is not included and probably pushes it over a kilogram. The strapping that comes as standard is a thick webbing like material that to be honest I’m not a fan of. This is easily sorted with the purchase of a set of Whoopie slings. I’ll be posting a review of a few different brands of whoopee slings in a few weeks but in my opinion they are a must. I was hesitant at first as they are so thin and light I just couldn’t see how they could hold the weight, but they do and are so much easier to use. once you have replaced the webbing with whoopie slings your back down to the basic 650g as they don’t add any significant weight at all.

If your considering any other upgrades to any hammock I recommend the Hennesey SnakeSkins, they make life so much easier and your hammock never gets dirty during set up and packing away. I’m off topic again so they will also be covered in another review.

The hammock is cheap at less than £30 but I would budget an extra £20 as you will want to upgraded the rigging as mentioned.  Compared to other hammocks in this price range I think it is by far the best. Its super lightweight, packs away easily and as small as any of its peers. The main advantage it has is that you can fully cocoon yourself in it for protection from the elements. If it’s warm just lay on top of both layers.

A full length double side zip makes it easy to get in and out of and its very snug and warm inside. The material is breathable to a certain degree but if it’s very hot and you don’t want to leave the zipper open a tad you are likely to get some condensation. The downside to being fully zipped up in the cocoon is that most layers are the same material so can’t see outside which could make some people feel a little uncomfortable out in the woods at night.  Personally, I like this, being shut off from the outside, it helps in the morning unless you want to be up as the sun rises.

I’ve seen some Bivy bags that have breathable see through panels which would get around this but obviously, it would sacrifice protection from the weather.  I’ve used this hammock in light rain but it’s not designed to be waterproof so I always set up a lightweight tarp above for rain protection.

As with all hammocks the key to comfort is to position yourself slightly diagonal, I often used a thermarest self-inflating mattress in my, this adds comfort and creates a nice wide base as well as providing insulation during the winter. If it gets cold, consider the DD Hammock’s Under blanket its all the warmth you will need.

*If you get caught without an under blanket or mat and the temperature drops I recommend loosely wrapping your outer jacket underneath the hammock. Make sure its loose so air can be trapped between it and the bottom of the hammock which will act as insulation.

To be honest a decent sleeping mat and the appropriate sleeping bag for the season is generally all you will need in this hammock.

Now the only problem I had with this hammock was structural integrity. It’s not a major issue and most other hammocks of this kind have the same issue and it’s probably more to do with my body shape and height and the ergonomics of this hammock make it suitable for pretty much anyone no matter how big they are. Being 5’8 and slim build I find that the top of the hammock sometimes collapses and ends up sitting on my face. Lying diagonally generally stops this but being slim means I sometimes end up slipping back into the middle. It’s the same as non-hooped bivy’s. I’ve considered using a homemade hoop but at such a low-cost I sewed a couple of loops onto the outside of the top layer and I use them to clip it to the guide rope supporting my tarp. This works great and is easy to do. It gives you much more living space within the hammock and keeps the sides from collapsing in.

The material is strong and the manufacturer claims it will hold up to 125kg. Bear in mind that the rigging you use to put it up also needs to be sufficient to hold your weight.  There are plenty of options on the market these days that can service load requirements, adjustability, are lightweight and non-tree damaging. Personally, I use a lightweight daisy chain around a tree with some foam padding between the strap and the trunk and I attach my whoopie slings to it with a lightweight wire gate climbing Karabiner.

All in all, I don’t think you will find a better hammock in this price range. If your thinking about a long expedition or need a hammock for a specific climate than perhaps you need to be looking at some of the pricier options like the Hennessey Hammocks but for a few days or even a week this DD Hammock is ideal.

You can pick up this hammock from Amazon.co.uk.

Official Statistics From The DD Hammocks Website.

Size 2.7m x 1.4m (comfortable for people up to 6ft 5in and 125kg)
Colour Olive green
Weight 650g (hammock only)
Includes Camping Hammock, Webbing (10m), stuff sack
Weight limit 125 kg
  • Breathable, zippered double-layer design – lie between the layers to cocoon yourself, or insert a partially-inflated thermarest or camping mat between the layers in cooler weather
  • Two double-sided zippers on the same zipline, for easy open and close
  • Pre-fitted with 10m of strong suspension webbing (5m each end)
  • Includes a stuff sack



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